Synergy Water Solutions, Inc.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Minimizing the Risk of Legionella is an important benefit of maintaining your cooling tower in top condition. Good housekeeping measures such as regular cooling tower cleanings and effective water treatment programs are the best protection against a Legionnaire’s outbreak. The Synergy Cooling Tower Cleaning Service is one of your most cost effective weapons against this problem. At the completion of our cleaning process, your cooling tower and its components will be sanitized, clean and ready for service.

Reduce your Operating and Maintenance Costs by maintaining the critical link in your air conditioning or process cooling system in top condition with a regular cleaning program. Fouled cooling tower fill can seriously reduce your operating efficiency, increase overall costs and shorten equipment life. Even towers with reasonably good water treatment programs can still suffer from silt, mud and organic deposits on fill areas. These deposits can be removed economically with the Synergy Cooling Tower Cleaning Service.